Adam Russell

Adam Russell

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This talk will move through the functional took box of the on the ground regenerative designer who finds themselves designing and building in small efficient teams installing and maintaining mixed food forests, gardens, and supporting clients working through their own grazing systems and fertility management programs. The presenter will be sharing lessons learned from the field of using appropriate tools and building a critical path of implementation.


Regenerative Agriculture Panel


Adam Russell is an ecologist, explorer, and educator. For a decade he was an educator for Remote Medical International where he has worked with human and land health in remote locations around the world since 2006. He has worked to regenerate land with the use of the Holistic Management framework, Regrarians platform, permaculture, earthworks, albrecht soil testing, biodynamics, pyramids, and Homa farming practices which include biofertilizers and agnihotra. He seeks to build a knowledge base of how we can work to release the potential from under-utilized lands. Adam’s current projects include broadscale soil and atmospheric regeneration and the spread of available solutions through his work with Symbiosis.