Ana Couchonnal

Ana Couchonnal

Indgenous Wisdom


Local Tulum Regenerative Projects Panel


Ana Couchonnal de Pascoe was born and raised in Mexico City. At an early age she decided that conventional was boring, and that responsibility and love can conquer all. While studying to become a clown in Paris, Ana became enamored with poetry, reggae music, and the study and practice of Dzogchen Buddhism. She left the Clownhood, opened a reggae bar in Condesa, starred in Carlos Reygadas´ 2005 film Battle in Heaven, and seriously devoted herself to Chogyal Namkai Norbu, the Tibetan Dzogchen Master. It was Norbu who encouraged her to name her Tulum hotel project DELEK, meaning “Many blessings on your path”. While Ana’s path has weaved through jewelry design, welding, philosophy, photography, and curating festivals, she has remained rooted in her Dzogchen teachings. Ana enjoys Pinot Noir and surfing the Baja and Oaxacan coasts.