Benjamin Butler

Poignant Moment: Zen Talk and Meditation


Benjamin J Butler is an international futurist, writer and spiritual guide formerly based out of Asia but now living in Tulum. He left London 20 years ago and has been ‘on the road ever since,’ accumulating a unique international perspective to advise leaders on where the world might be heading, known for making many prescient forecasts of trends in financial markets, technology, geopolitics and culture. Benjamin has been a trusted sounding board and advisor on the future for many visionaries , coaching them on the important skills and mindset to navigate uncertainty from creativity and imagination to crystallising purpose and inspiring passion. He draws much inspiration from his Zen practice and Eastern philosophy, having learnt Japanese and spent two decades living between Japan, Korea and China. He has spoken at the United Nations, World economic Forum, workshops, universities and temples around the world. He has forecast that the collapse of the old world and the emergence of a new (technologically advanced) Ecological or Gaian civilisation would accelerate from 2020.