Morning Yoga with Briana Bragg


Indigenous Wisdom Panel


Briana Bragg is the intuitive and creative visionary behind a revolutionary process for healing. As a conscious transformational specialist, she has developed an integrative methodology to align the potential of the mind with nature’s abundant healing properties. No stranger to the power of change, she boldly and decisively stepped away from decades-old inner turmoil, limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns, along with self-doubt toward a personal awakening grounded in peace and light. Today, she likens her metamorphosis to that of a caterpillar in a chrysalis turned effortlessly into an agile butterfly. Briana is practical, compassionate, and gentle in her approach to helping others realize positive change as she understands the need for a delicate balance in all things. The elevated consciousness she possesses is the direct result of intentionally aligning her present moment awareness of her inner thoughts with the ever-present, healing rhythms of the natural world around us. Areas of Focus: Mental Fitness Training, Present moment Living, Reducing Overwhelm and Meditation