Local Regen Projects Panel


Charlie is co founder and current CEO of Real Coconut Products and Restaurant Companies. He is also co founder of Oxygen Beach Investments, Sanará Hotels and related land and sustainability companies around the world. Charlie is married to Daniella Hunter who is the inspiration and creator of The Real Coconut and its philosophy of digestive and sustainable health for you and our planet. Starting his career in event hospitality and opening the London Arena in the 80’s and then as an “A List” concert promoter in Australia before becoming part of CHER’s LA based management team in 1991. Charlie became eminent in the direct response television industry with subsequent retail roll out of various products with emphasis on beauty care and fitness, managing the growth of a few nine figure product companies. In 2001 he partnered with the former President of Paramount Pictures, Frank Yablans, to structure film fund financing and distribution. In 2007 Charlie was asked to be executive director of a land mine detection non profit with Nelson Mandela and his wife as patrons along with Sir Richard Branson, Brad Pitt and John Paul de Joria. During his time in Mozambique and later Liberia, where he funded and opened the Women’s Empowerment Center under the patronage of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Charlie became committed to empowerment and sustainable enterprise solutions for all people with emphasis on nutritious food and water. Daniella and Charlie also support global sustainability solutions through managing their family’s Influence Foundation.