The New Earth is calling many to Costa Rica now to steward land, build community and live life in a new way.

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Tribalize V Gallery

Summit Overview

For over 5 years now, TRIBALIZE has convened top regenerative thought leaders to help inspire the community dream projects of people from all around the world. We invite you join us for a weekend Summit that will help you ground your community vision in Costa Rica and beyond.

Set at AWAKE Uvita amidst a beautiful valley of Uvita, Costa Rica, TRIBALIZE Costa Rica Summit VI is a community activation, part tribal gathering, part conference and part community mastermind.  We’ve curating a broad range of thought leaders, influencers and community founders across Costa Rica who will help provide some practical tools and tangible wisdom to help those holding this community dream in their soul.

This radical act of coming together will look like a living lab prototyping one of these communities. In addition to hearing visionary keynote presentations, we’ll get down into some experiential learning and demonstrations. We’ll model collaboration and how it thrives, we’ll activate greater coherence and how it feels in our bodies, and we’ll experience community at a primal level and how that looks in principle.

Whether you’re interested in ecological building, agriculture practices, regenerative energy and water systems, waste management, the social and culture building methods or new financing models for these land-based communities, we’re going to bring it to you over 3 days with 20+ presentations, panels, masterminds and sponsor showcases.

Overall, we’ll deeply consider the conditions necessary for success in building these regenerative communities.  Humanity is at a crossroads potentially headed for a path of destruction.  As such, the likely survivors will be those who have adapted to live peaceful with others on land having sovereignty over their food, water, 

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TRIBALIZE Costa Rica Summit VI will explore the following topics throughout the weekend.

Indigenous Wisdom

  • Regenerative Culture
  • Village Consciousness

Social Dynamics

  • Governance
  • Decision Making Processes
  • Trauma Management
  • Conflict Resolution


  • Real Estate Investing & Project Financing
  • Funding Models 
  • Legal Structures
  • Tokenization 
  • ROI/ Analytics 
  • Government Support 

Physical Realities

  • Structures
  • Water
  • Food/Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Waste



  • Regenerative tech (hardware and software)


Primarily, everyone interested in community would resonate with our approach, content and audience.  The Tribalize Costa Rica Summit VI is designed to support more specially the dreamers looking to build regenerative communities in Costa Rica or neighboring Central American countries,

That said, the TRIBALIZE: Regenerative Living sector is composed of over 25 stakeholder disciplines who make up this dynamic ecosystem and who would benefit from being in the room, including: Landowners, Builders, Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Developers, Investors, Bankers, Architects, Designers, Ecologists, Permaculturists, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, Urban Planners, Dome/Yurt Manufacturers, Solar/Water/Energy Companies, Community Builders, Community Members, Political Leaders, Government Agencies, Civic Planners/Building Dept. Neighborhood Councils, Building Project Users, University Professors, Organizational Consultants, Healers/Priestesses, Artists, and others.


Thursday night @ 7:00pm – Welcome Dinner (Separate price)

Friday – 

8:00am Registration opens/Breakfast/Yoga

9:00am Program Begins; 10:00pm Ends

Meditation, Opening Ceremonies, Keynotes

1:00pm Lunch 

Afternoon Programming

6:00pm Social Hour

7:00pm Dinner 

8:30pm Cacao Ceremony

Saturday –

8:00am Registration opens/Breakfast/Yoga

9:00am Program Begins; 10:00pm Ends

Meditation, Opening Ceremonies, Keynotes

1:00pm – Lunch

Afternoon Programming

6:00pm Social hour; 

7:00pm Dinner 

8:30pm Ecstatic Dance + Temezcal

Sunday – 

8:00am Registration opens/Breakfast/Yoga

9:00am Program Begins; 10:00pm Ends

Meditation, Opening Ceremonies, Keynotes

1:00pm Lunch 

Afternoon Programming

6:00pm Social hour; 

7:00pm Dinner 

8:30pm Final Night Concert


Workshop/Mastermind hours: 1:00pm – 6:00pm 

6:00pm Social Hour

7:00pm – Dinner


<Presenters and Panelists to be Announced Soon>






AWAKE Uvita, Costa Rica


Awake is a project that started in 2019 in Uvita, Costa-Rica. Between 5-15 people are currently living here and building a center to support the personal and collective activation, transformation and awakening (read “What is the awakening process?“). Uvita is a town in the South Pacific coast of Costa-Rica known for its famous “Whale Tail” beach. 

Awake is grounded in the practice of authentic relating and meditation. We support each other to connect to our gifts and share them with the world. As we activate our new beautiful Surya Shala we will host many events, workshops and retreats in the space. 



<go to AWAKE Uvita’s website and grab a few photos and some copy>

<Link to AWAKE Website


There are minimal accommodations at AWAKE, but we’ve negotiated special rates with boutique hotels in the neighborhood walking distance from the venue.

Please contact these hotels directly to book your stay.




+506 2101 2519



+506 8334 9437