Dhyana Sophia


Dhyana Sophia founder and facilitator of sananda healing experiences working with different modalities of healing arts ancestral wisdom and new paradigm technologies curating transformational experiences for human potential earth wisdom land and medicine keeper As a Member of the Ancestral Healing Alliance and director of Sananda Healing Experiences, her mission as an interconnector is to create alliances to join forces linking the tribe together into a network of the new paradigm pioneers awakening into the evolutionary process of human consciousness… creating a platform to provide and hold space in a complete process of transformation and healing through direct experiences of birth and rebirth, and connection to source. Her offerings include: Transformational experiences curator, retreats gatherings, medicine woman elemental alchemist, rites of passage ceremonialist, Earth wisdom and medicine keeper, Somatic Integrative therapist, Ixchel priestess, Aquatic therapist & trainer, Qiflow instructor, and Sophia revealed feminine embodiment.