Interview: Restoring Our Economies Through Our Relationship with Nature

In this interview Sheri Herndon and Ferananda Ibarra will explore our partnership with living systems and dive into the language of flows, which provides not only the inspiration but concrete tools to design new economies.



Ferananda Ibarra has a background in collective intelligence, organizational architecture, and entrepreneurship focused on decentralized systems that solve our major global challenges. Her focus is on integral design and the development of new systems of economics, culture and governance that intrinsically incentivize life-enhancing behaviors at all levels of agency, supporting distributed and conscious participation in our global evolution. She co-founded The Metacurrency Project ( , VillageLab (, Holo ( and Holochain ( She currently serves as Director of The Commons Engine (, a service agency focused on currency design and decentralized tech for commons-oriented projects. She is deeply engaged with Regenerative agriculture as the lead Organizational Architect for Unified Field Corporation, JustOne Organics ( She is currently launching The Coventina Foundation to bring funds for the decentralized tech ecosystem and the emergence of asset-backed currencies for universal human needs. The source of her commitment arises from the experience of living systems. Nature gives her powerful keys in her inquiry towards wholeness. Love as a first commitment brings forward a heart intelligence that nourishes her deeply.