Franz Josef Allmayer

Civilization Design

Speaker, Moderator

Regional Economies Panel Moderator


Franz is a universal citizen with cultural roots in Austria and Guatemala. These contrasting yet complementary perspectives allowed him to question existing cultural paradigms built on scarcity from an early age. Dedication to the fields of innovation and global development has enabled Franz to gather experience working with international organizations, governments, private sector, NGOs, and academic institutions. This multidisciplinary approach allowed him to recognize pervading patterns and embrace a more holistic approach to development that effectively provides value towards the whole of the system. ​In recognition of the need to unite fragmented efforts towards a co-creative development process that effectively addresses the challenges of today, inspires Franz to create the tools, processes, and on the ground collaborations that support the development of regenerative bio-regional economies. He is a core member of Hypha, pioneering the emergence of SEEDS, a financial ecosystem and digital currency designed to facilitate and bring about the regenerative renaissance. An avid explorer, he has visited 77 countries, where he has formed a solid network of collaborators. In his free time, you will encounter Franz finding inspiration in nature, climbing volcanoes, and exchanging with leaders across multiple disciplines.