Tulum Regional Summit

Catalyzing Regenerative Communities
March 25 - 28, 2022

Indigenous Wisdom + Innovative Local Solutions + Social Alignment Practices + New Funding Methodologies

Knowledge Sharing • Relationship Building • Project Incubation •  Interactive Discussions • Art, Music & Ceremonies

The regenerative living movement is a global one with regenerative communities springing up all over the world right now. As such, there are geographic pockets where these New Earth communities are clustering and have conditions ideal for their success such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, California, Oregon, Colorado, North Carolina and more.

Mexico is often under-recognized in this movement despite it’s vast frontier of possibilities. Mexico is truly a massive country with 31 unique states, favorable year round climate, low land costs, a variety of topographies, lax building regulations, minimum government intervention, large labor pool, excellent food growing conditions and, of course, their anti-vaccine policies have all helped to encourage a population migration there providing the conditions for a new mecca for regenerative communities to emerge.

In response to these conditions, TRIBALIZE will be hosting a new 4-day regional in-person Summit that will focus on the crossroads of this inherent indigenous wisdom of the region and our modern regenerative practices, as well as the physical realities of sustaining these communities (water, food, energy, structures) the social dynamics and governance at the core of helping these communities thrive and the new investment methodologies that are supporting the funding of these endeavors.

The Summit will follow this arch over the weekend to fully cover the major pillars of building regenerative communities infused with indigenous wisdom:

Day 1 – Friday, March 25
How to infuse your vision with a regenerative mission honoring of the earth and of the local indigenous culture.

Day 2 – Saturday, March 26
How to integrate ancient indigenous solutions for your water, food, energy and building sovereignty.

Day 3 – Sunday, March 27
How to ensure your team and their vision will have the social coherency and governance practices to make it through the many challenges you’ll encounter on your way.

Day 4 – Monday, March 28
How to fund your regenerative community project using the latest investment methodologies including NFTs, crypto, bonds and DAOs.


We’re honored to host a dynamic array of presenters from around the world who embody the regenerative path who will inspire and inform you.

TRIBALIZE IV Video Montage


Please join us March 25-28, 2022 in-person at the Paledora Coworking Campus in Chemuyil (15 minutes north of Tulum) where indigenous thought leaders, community visionaries, investors and the regenerative practitioners of the New Earth will gather to foster this regenerative communities movement.

We’ll provide you with a total picture of what’s needed to dream, build, and manage your regenerative communities. Also, the Summit will showcase various regenerative communities in development across Mexico, what they are doing and how you can get involved. 

Accommodations and meals are not included in ticket price


Welcome to Paledora Selva’s Jungle Centers. We host collective experiences to transform how we live & what we build and are honored to welcome Tribalize for their second Tulum Summit.


Additional Accomodations in the area can be found at:
Booking.com & AIRBNB in Chemuyil or nearby Akumal or Tulum.




The event will be supported by various organizations including: Paledora Coworking Campus, New Earth Ventures, Regen:Tulum, Regen: Tribe and others.

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