Jean Luc Nahon

Indgenous Wisdom

Tribalize your life with Paledora Selva

Inspired by the post classic period of the Mayan history, we are building Community Villages in the Mayan Jungle to allow reconnexion to wildness and adopt a tribal lifestyle for 2 weeks to six month per year.
The tribes share the land and every member enjoys a private piece of Land for life and forever.
These are not real estate developments, Paledora Selva don’t buy, divide and sell lands ; but incubate a community/tribe who directly collectively buy a Land to protect and to enjoy privately and collectively with the tribe and the guests.
The Land is to be protected, respected and transformed to allow a tribal lifestyle on a fraction of the land.
The community doesn’t allow private ownership, the whole is a co-property. The Land is not destined to create individual revenus. The primary goal is to host a tribe or community, and hospitality is the primary source of sustainable resources to manage and steward the Land and its Gems.



Jean-Luc Nahon, MBA of Paris Dauphine and doctoral program in international affairs. Jean-Luc is 65, now resident in Tulum but still traveling often to Switzerland and France. Jean-Luc discovered the Riviera Maya in the 80’. Falling in love with the region he went back in 1987 and bought a time sharing villa on the Cancun Beach. He lived and worked as an entrepreneur in Paris, San Francisco, French Riviera, Geneva, but always coming back every year to the Riviera Maya. In 2006, he stup Paledora Selva in Chemuyil (Tulum), spending more and more time in the Riviera Maya to be involved with Land conservation projects. In 2008, he co-founded with Gabriel Mazon “Comunidad Paledora Muuch Xiimbal” to develop micro-businesses with Mayan partners (Muuch Xiimbal Tours, Angelica’s Cocina, Bioregion Temazcal,Temple & Nic Teha Cenote). The same year, he built the Chemuyil Palapa Pioneros as a Tropical Business Center on the theme of ecological construction and pioneering activities in the Mayan jungle. In 2009, he started building an ecovillage in Chemuyil (Pueblito Selva Chemuyil). Today, Paledora Selva considers itself as an incubator of “Jungle Villages on Mayan Land” to be non permanently inhabited by Guardians of the Land. Creative & Business activities are based in the Coworking Campus and the Community Resort. Keywords of this ecosystem are Coworking, Coliving, Campus, Jungle Living Lab, Incubator and the Jungle Villages Project. This ecosystem is becoming the perfect toolkit to protect the Land and at the same time provide great experiences of tribal and jungle living.