Kara Alter


Kara is a brand strategist and entrepreneur, committed to designing and supporting regenerative business models – companies whose profits are tied to positive, transformative impact for people and planet. She has led brand development initiatives for dozens of global for-profits, nonprofits, and tech startups that have gone on to raise millions in venture funding. Now, she is blending her experience in launching businesses with her passion for community building and commitment to ecosystem regeneration, co-creating an ecological neighborhood in Costa Rica called Alegría Village. Alegría is a triple-bottom-line project, transforming 70 hectares of cattle pasture into a regenerative community, with integrated food forests, protected biological corridors, a shared organic farm, common lounge and coworking spaces, and 145 parcels for homes. With Alegría Village nearly sold out and neighbors beginning construction on their homes, Kara is sharing her learnings and expertise with other impact entrepreneurs and community builders through consulting services and her upcoming Regenerative Startup Accelerator program.