Karuna Warren

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Karuna (Sanskrit meaning compassion); is an environmental engineer, water activist, ceremonial leader & Founder of 501c-3 Waternow Inc. He is passionate about holistic water systems, green technologies, healing therapies, plant medicines and First Nations issues. With 15+ years of engineering experience within corporate systems, he left in 2015 with a new mission for clean water access & sustainability, focusing on indigenous and underserved communities. Karuna helps implement regenerative systems: river turbines, structured water, rainwater harvesting, solar, hydroponics, village utilities & sanitation systems and has traveled to 11 countries constructing water projects. Karuna received degrees in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Northwestern and an MBA from FIU. Karuna has spoken on sustainability, water and environmental activism at numerous venues including Bioneeer’s Conference, Lightning in a Bottle, Envision Festival, New Earth Ancient Future, Regenerate California, and Consejo de Visiones, Llamada del Agua. Outside of the office, you can find Karuna in nature, practicing yoga, dancing, playing congas, meditating, hiking, praying and at water bodies. One of his unfolding lifelong dreams is co-creating an eco-village, combining ancient indigenous wisdom, with modern sustainable technology in a conscious active way to exponentially increase sustainable initiatives.