Katharina Serafimova

Regenerative Community

From Soil to Soul to Economy: Fostering the Transition to a Regenerative Economy

More than ever, it is obvious that our economy needs to be reimagined, reinvented, reborn – in a word: regenerated. The purpose of REGENERATE is exactly that – to help speed up the transition from an extractive to a regenerative economy. REGENERATE starts with the soil. It borrows from the natural principles of regenerative farming to inspire decision makers on how to move to a regenerative stage in tune with our living ecosystem.


Indigenous Wisdom Panel


Social entrepreneur, speaker and moderator. Facilitates events and processes that enable the transitions towards a value-based paradigm. Was Head of Renewable Resources and of Corporate Sustainability of a Swiss Private Bank and Senior Sustainable Finance Advisor at WWF. Co-created the regeneration network initiative “Associação Terra Sintrópica” in Mértola, a region deeply affected by desertification. In recent years, Katharina has supported farmers in Southern Europe/ Portugal in the transition towards regeneration. Katharina is also co-founder of the international initiative www.foodnetworks.ch and www.regenerateforum.org. Since 2014 she is a lecturer at the Institut of Banking and Finance at University of Zurich and currently supports Shareitt, a P2P circular-economy marketplace start-up with local currency solution.