Laura Day

Regenerative Community

Regenerative Eco Development

Inspiring the Evolution of Regenerative Culture

In this talk, I will be sharing research and demonstrating examples of methods that accelerate the awakening of our species, a necessary ingredient in regenerative culture. Among these, we will be looking at intentional epigenetics, focusing on common elements of happy, healthy, and sustainable global communities throughout time, and the importance of indigenous wisdom. We will look at the cyclical nature of existence, the regenerative abundance that we already have access to, and we will perform a group exercise to generate your own personal map of awakening that you can use and implement to contribute to an accelerated evolution of the human species.



Laura Day is obsessed with sustainable organizational design and intentional event production. She is currently an Associate Director at Burning Man Project, and Sustainability Lead for Black Rock City. Prior to her career with Burning Man, she was the Director of Operations of the 6th most sustainable company in Oregon, which was also the first licensed recreational cannabis farm. Her company was recognized among the best places to work nationwide and set the standards for best practices in the cannabis industry. She serves as Vice Chair on the board of the Cannabis Certification Council, a non-profit dedicated to establishing industry-wide standards for organically cultivated cannabis and fair labor practices. In the festival world, Laura was the Founder and Director of Firefly Gathering, a sustainability-focused music, art, yoga, healing, and educational transformational festival in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from NAU with a degree in Environmental Science with a focus on Sustainable Communities and Biodiversity. With a penchant for efficient operations and motivational team building imbued with goofy humor, Laura is part professional, part bohemian thrill-seeker, and part visionary. She brings her authentic badass self to every project and assembles other badasses to create multi-dimensional change. She is the fanciest hippy you know.