Mauricio Jervis


Regenerative Programs


A cook by trade later turned environmentalist, has developed over the past few years a simple and sometimes delicious philosophy to try to help solve the some of the worlds problems, locally. By creating an ecosystem of small businesses that provide services whilst promoting awesome environmentally conscious projects so that they too may have the opportunity to flourish. Other than being inspired by Sir David Attenborough’s documentaries to love and protect the Natural World, his passion, knowledge and work ethic comes from the time where he had the privilege to learn from some of the world’s best chefs. Most Notably: In England he worked at Gorgon Ramsey’s 3 Michelin Star restaurant in Royal Hospital Road, learning from Chef Clare Smyth. In Quebec, Canada with Chef Martin Picard at Au Pied de Cochon Cabane à Sucre, later in the Flagship Restaurant Au Pied de Cochon in the Plateau, Montreal. Since Returning to his Birthplace in the Yucatán in 2017, he has Founded: 1) Wóolis solutions: an environmental solutions company that offers a daily collection service of food waste in Tulum. 2) Wóolis Farm: Local farm focused on regenerative agriculture. 3) Farm To table Restaurant focused on supporting local producers by having flexible forever evolving menus, as well as becoming a community kitchen during the COVID lockdown. 4) Wóolis Foodie Market- convenient Market where you can find the best produce from conscious Mexican Producers and farmers.