Monika Hösterey


Monika Hösterey is living in an Indigenous Village and was responsible for the drinking water supply. Today she is actively committed to strengthen her Intentional Community Inla Kesh and make transition happen in her rural/indigenes environment. She collaborates with several indigenous movements in Chiapas . Actually the big challenge in her life is to integrate the knowledge of the Slow and Decrease Movement and the demand to create a solid but fast solution in form of a replicable model. She is Gaia Education Trainer, Member of GEESE (Global Ecovillage Educators for a Sustainable Earth ), Macrobiotic Consulter, Biodanza Facilitator, Permaculture Activist, Biointensive practitioner, Studied holistic Water management in the Healing Biotop of Tamera, Part of the Global Campus y Terra Nova movement, part of GEN. She supports communities using Gaia Education 4-D Whole Systems framework, so that they thrive within planetary boundaries, regenerate the natural environment and allow all human potential to flourish. She is also Cofounder of the Healing Biotope/Ecovillage INLA KESH in Mexico.