Nic Rotundo


Nico has worked for the past 18 years blending the ecological and technological elements of restoration, conservation & agriculture. He applies a holistic approach that does not separate people from the systems we interact with. He has experience in technological systems in software and hardware, as well as power and cultivation systems in controlled environment agriculture. Community resiliency is not met with merely a plan and a budget. Rather, it is deep listening that implores an all-inclusive stakeholding that will lead to a regenerative future. 18 years of experience have had him at the table on advisory boards, consultation, panel discussions and speaker in 15 countries and on almost 50 projects. He has consulted and worked with the ministry of agriculture in China, the African Union and “The Green Wall, Biofuels Intl, and now currently lends mind, heart, and soul to stewarding over 15,000 acres, 7 watersheds, and 10 properties. Includes working with RCD, ROA, NRCS, Cal Fire, Essential Food and Medicine, Kiss the Ground, Savory, Snaplands, indigenous of the south.