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• 20% Commission for All Sales Generated by Your Link
• 2 Complimentary Live Stream Tickets
• Your Logo On
SUMMIT DATES: May 14-16, 2021

Promotional Partnership Just Got Better

As our collective regenerative community know-how continues to improve and expand, we create reciprocal exchange models of mutual benefit both promotionally and financially. The TRIBALIZE IV Affiliate Ambassador Partner model does just that. Please fill in the form below so that we can:

  • Get your live-linked logo on the site
  • Get you graphics and swipe copy to promote the summit
  • Get you your 20% commission link
  • Gift you two Live Stream Tickets

Our Affiliate Ambassador Coordinator is Luisa Zhou. She will be reaching out to assist you in getting set up for success.

If you have any questions, please reach out to her at:
ambassadors – a t –

Regeneratively Yours,

Brad Nye – Founder, TRIBALIZE

Affiliate Ambassador Partners Intake Form

This is for organizations that will become affiliate ambassadors
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    • If someone besides you will be working to facilitate the fulfillment of our partnership agreement, please share their name, email address and phone number below.
    • Please see the requested promotional exchange in the final section of this form.
      We are also inviting you to become a JV partner, wherein you would utilize your custom link to invite others to become affiliates. These could be others in your organization or your fans, followers, friends or family. Anyone you feel is aligned with our common message of regenerative living would be a candidate.
    • Your Virtual Live Stream Tickets

      Please share the name and email address of the two people we should send complimentary TRIBALIZE IV Livestream Tickets to.
    • Promotional Partnership Agreement

      • Tribalize LLC will place your logo on our site with a live-link to the URL of your choosing
      • Tribalize LLC will send you two complimentary live stream tickets to the people you choose
      • Tribalize LLC will pay out 20% per ticket sold through your unique link which we will provide to you
      • Tribalize LLC will provide you with promotional copy and graphics for social media posts and emails
      • If you have questions throughout the process, we have a dedicated team member to respond to you in a timely manner.
      Our requested exchange is:
      • You / your organization will send at least (2) emails to your list, inviting people to the summit
      • You will do your social posts and emails the week of April 26th, the week of May 3, and the week of May 10
      • You / your organization will post invitations to the summit with your unique link on your various social media channels at least 3 times
      • As you feel called, you / your organization will share your unique link to family and friends
      • You may also elect to receive an additional 5% of every sale made by people you invite to become affiliates with your JV Partner link, to further expand your revenue. The more you post, the more revenue your organization potentially gains. THANK YOU FOR PARTNERING WITH US!