Raamayan Ananda

UNANIMOUS Charter: A Path Towards Unity

We are witnessing the birth of an emergent culture; regenerative living, ecovillages, conscious businesses and more are springing up around the world as we awaken and remember who we are. Yet, without a common shared agreement and mythos to bind us, we remain culturally fragmented and unable to truly create an identity that can transcend and include our differing viewpoints and practices.

The UNANIMOUS charter aims to be this core unifying document, which can be enshrined at the center of our ecovillages, our communities, our practices and our businesses to bind us in a common language and cause.

Speaker, Host


Raamayan is an architect for the Next Civilization Experiment. He is an international speaker, a multi-company conscious entrepreneur, and a systems designer. Rooted in the spiritual lineage of HUMUH Clear Mind Buddhism and Snatana Dharma, Raamayan brings together the ancient enlightenment traditions forward into the modern world. Raamayan served on the board of the Social Venture Circle, the first impact investment collective. He is a co-founder in the ‘Stewardship Circle For The Next Economy’ which brings together the founders of impact networks together to collaborate on shared goals rather than compete. He is a co-founder of Unify, which brings communities together for large scale collective broadcasts and meditations, as well as VEME, the blockchain powered platform to bring back the creative commons. He is a musician, a poet with an upcoming book called ‘The Book Of Love: 64 Keys To Unlock The Heart’, and is the progenitor of the UNANIMOUS Charter.