Sheri Sophia Herndon



Sheri is a thought leader, social innovator, solutionary and embodied mystic serving a thriving regenerative culture. As a yogi meditator with decades of training in personal/social development, she embodies the New Earth-New Human codes that support others stepping into their genius and to awaken, engage and unite humanity to create a world that reflects our highest destiny. Her life has been an ongoing journey to a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Divine and being of greater service to humanity’s awakening. For the last 25 years, she has worked in the field of evolving consciousness toward creating new forms for culture to be fully actualized. Culture is the foundation of everything. She has been pioneering for over two decades as a social architect at the nexus of conscious evolution, technology & storytelling all serving the healing of our planet. Her work has included organizational consulting, high level strategy, coaching, writing, convening, facilitating and designing. Gifted with strong clairsentience and intuition, she has an innate felt sense of the gestalt of the new emerging paradigm. Her life path has brought her to a deep intimacy with many of the world’s wisdom traditions and she integrated these into her daily personal and social practices as Universal Wisdom. She continues her legacy of creating new innovative organizations and projects that are transforming culture toward a truly enlightened civilization. She is launching a new television show called “Awakening Together”, cofounding Meta Tao and is an ambassador of partnerships for Open World Alliance.