Tribalize IV Summit

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May 14-16, 2021

Tribalize IV Presenter Intake Form

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    Tribalize will naturally promote you and your work before, during and after the Summit in a variety of ways. Please let us know if you will share the summit with your audience.
    Please let us know your status re: accommodations. Thank you.
    We are able to cover a number of your meals. You will be responsible for your travel to Tulum and any auxiliary expenses. Please also respond to the question around your accommodations needs.
    I hereby authorize Tribalize LLC to record my likeness in the form of audio, video and photographs during my presentation at TRIBALIZE IV in Tulum either live in-person or virtually (depending on whether I am appearing live or virtually). I understand that TRIBALIZE LLC will allow ticket holders to view the replays as well as allowing ticket holders to watch the live presentation. Further, I understand Tribalize LLC may elect to utilize my photographs, audio or video in promoting upcoming summits. Tribalize LLC shall not modify my presentation but will keep it in-tact as presented in video representations. The only exception to this may be if a short snippet of it is chosen to be used in a trailer or other promotional piece.
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