Tribalize IV Summit

Request for Participation

Apply to present live in Tulum or virtually everywhere
May 14-16, 2021

Dear Presenter,

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in contributing to our TRIBALIZE Summit IV.  Since our inception in 2017, furthering the regenerative living and community movements have always been our mission.  By combining a small in-person mastermind with a global virtual conference, we feel we can make an even larger impact.  Simply put, here are the goals for our effort this May:

  • Keep our costs down so we can ensure break-even leading to future events;

  • Do not over program the gathering/virtual summit (people only have so much time/attention);

  • Seed a new community of regeneratively-minded beings;

  • And inspire new communities to emerge that encourage living closer to the earth and deeper human connection.

We intend to produce TRIBALIZE regionally throughout the year and world. So if we’re unable to invite you to speak at this respective summit, we’ll make sure we attempt to in the future.  So thank you for taking the time to fill out the ‘Request of Participation’ form below.

Thank you for your interest in TRIBALIZE. We are looking forward to reviewing your entry and co-creating something magical!  Please read the Presenter Invitation Letter to further understand what we’re looking for. 

To see an example of our summits, please review this Tribalize III Photo Gallery.

Regeneratively Yours,

Brad Nye – Founder, TRIBALIZE

P.S. Please answer the following questionnaire by Monday, April 5th EOD. We’ll review submissions over the next week and will reach out to you by the end of next week (April 8, if not before). Thanks for your consideration.

Tribalize IV Presenter Intake Form

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  • Your Presentation

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  • If you are on a panel, please simply write "panelist"
  • Please keep it to the maximum 100 words. If you are on a panel, please simply write "panelist"
  • Are there any days or times that you are NOT available during May 14 - 16, 2021 to be scheduled for the Summit?
  • Agreements

    Tribalize will naturally promote you and your work before, during and after the Summit in a variety of ways. Please let us know if you will share the summit with your audience.
    Please let us know your status re: accommodations. Thank you.
    We are able to cover a number of your meals. You will be responsible for your travel to Tulum and any auxiliary expenses. Please also respond to the question around your accommodations needs.
    I hereby authorize Tribalize LLC to record my likeness in the form of audio, video and photographs during my presentation at TRIBALIZE IV in Tulum either live in-person or virtually (depending on whether I am appearing live or virtually). I understand that TRIBALIZE LLC will allow ticket holders to view the replays as well as allowing ticket holders to watch the live presentation. Further, I understand Tribalize LLC may elect to utilize my photographs, audio or video in promoting upcoming summits. Tribalize LLC shall not modify my presentation but will keep it in-tact as presented in video representations. The only exception to this may be if a short snippet of it is chosen to be used in a trailer or other promotional piece.
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