Tahera Hamdani

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Regenerating our Coasts

Only 2% of the earth is covered by coastal forests. Mangroves, the only coastal forests located at the confluence of land and sea in the world’s subtropics and tropics, are highly productive ecosystems and have immense ecological importance. They are the highest carbon sequestering terrestrial ecology. 50% of the world’s mangroves are gone, and along with it coastal communities way and their livelihoods.

Let’s delve deeper into RRC’s solution around regenerating billions of acres of coastal deserts using a unique solution of integrating aquaculture, seawater based agriculture with halophytes and mangrove wetlands and woodlands.




Cofounder and Chief Strategy Officer of Regenerative Resources Company. Regenerative systems design and applications, with a focus on regenerative agriculture and more specifically, seawater and mangrove agroforestries. I am passionate about large scale restoration and regeneration of our coasts and desertified lands using nature based solutions, integrating indigenous wisdom, permaculture and other regenerative principles. Bring forth skills in finance, engineering and business to innovate ways to drive large scale capital and resources to nature based regenerative projects globally.