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Tribalize III Loveland, CO 2018

“What’s your community living dream?”

TRIBALIZE: Regenerative Living Summit III


TRIBALIZE: Regenerative Living Summit III is the thought leadership summit for those who are dreaming in, designing, developing and collaborating on the next generation of regenerative community living projects.

TRIBALIZE III is convening critical stakeholders within the regenerative community living movement to amplify sector trends, best practices and emerging projects.

Presented at the inspiring 300-acre Sunrise Ranch, TRIBALIZE III will take place over 3 1/2 days and function as a true tribal gathering of those living in and desiring to live in community, whether it be on regenerative land, in a co-housing development or in an urban co-living venture.

Join us and be connected to key players and organizations in this emerging community living sector as we forge together the evolutionary drivers that will impact and shape the future of living on our planet.


Think of TRIBALIZE as a thriving membership community offering regularly scheduled events, services and products intended to advance the sector’s possibilities and help its participants thrive. 


To further advance the sector, TRIBALIZE III will serve to create a dynamic marketplace of people, knowledge and possibilities to manifest the following goals:

  • Convene the regenerative community sector participants
  • Build the relational trust field of those participants
  • Illuminate sector challenges and trends
  • Showcase best practices, business models, and case studies
  • Incubate projects through interactive mastermind sessions
  • Match individuals with aligned projects
  • Amplify sector trends to the media
  • Consider necessary political advocacy to advance sector
  • Encourage deep lasting friendships


Our TRIBALIZE: Regenerative Living Summit III has been designed to help catalyze the collective intelligence and maximize the social fusion possible in the room. Presenters will be asked to spark thoughts and conversations that are more participatory and experiential in nature. In addition to these visionary keynote speakers, our programming will bring participants regularly into smaller circles for deeper dialogue and intentional relationship building.  Through our talks and experiential activities, we’ll weave a tapestry of these general subjects throughout the weekend:

  • Land ownership/Land use/Real Estate market
  • Social/relational/collaborative practices
  • New governance methodologies and currency systems
  • Regenerative technologies
  • Regenerative building & design techniques
  • Blockchain and community software 
  • Sustainable business models


In addition to the above described programming, TRIBALIZE III will weave in aspects of the regenerative and festival lifestyles including a regenerative technology expo, farm-to-table dinners, morning yoga and meditation, indigenous opening ceremonies, night-time fire circles, music performances, ecstatic dance, late-night tea house and much more. 


The TRIBALIZE: Regenerative Living sector is composed of over 25 stakeholder disciplines who make up this dynamic ecosystem, including: Landowners, Builders, Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Developers, Investors, Bankers, Architects, Designers, Ecologists, Permaculturists, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, Urban Planners, Dome/Yurt Manufacturers, Solar/Water/Energy Companies, Community Builders, Community Members, Political Leaders, Government Agencies, Civic Planners/Building Dept. Neighborhood Councils, Building Project Users, University Professors, Organizational Consultants, Healers/Priestesses, Artists, and others.